Wednesday, March 4, 2009

After The Show

I was out with some work colleagues but as many people were travelling early the next morning, we finished quite quickly and I was free to go home or to enjoy the rest of the night. I was contemplating going to a nearby club for a drink or two and a chat with some friends who were bound to be there. It was only about 11:30 so I could easily spend two hours there before going home.

I walked along the main promenade and lit a cigarette. As I was passing a small area, slightly away from the main path, devoted to few small peep-shows and sex-shops, something made me turn left and tentatively approach one of them. I remembered the time when, for my 25 birthday, a friend of mine paid for me watching the show - quite platonically as he was gay. I quite enjoyed it then and regretted not asking for the "with the dildo" version of the dance.

I slowly walked into the tiny reception area and without actually approaching the counter started to look at the photos and magazines displayed in the cabinet on the left. I was contemplating actually watching the show and thought I have to make up my mind quickly, before any male customers arrive. I almost turned back and left when I heard the doors open but I saw it was another woman walking in.

She was medium height, with short red hair, shapely breasts in a tight, black tee-shirt and a knee-length skirt nicely flattering her round, fairly big bum. She went straight to the counter and tried to enquire about prices in English. The attendant tried to answer her, but she obviously wasn't getting anywhere. I turned towards her.

"Would you like some help?"

She looked at me and smiled.

"Yes, I was just trying to see how much it was and what you got for the money." She was British, with a clear Scottish accent.

I talked to the attendant for a while and then turned to the woman . "It is 50 per show without a vibrator, 60 with one. This is about 10 quid. The show takes about 20 minutes." I explained.

"Have you seen one before?" she asked.


"Were you on your own?" she enquired. I thought for a moment. This seemed to be leading to something but I wasn't sure what. Maybe she was just a lost tourist trying to sample seedier delights of our town.

"Yes, I was on my own. Why?"

"I was wandering if we maybe could share the expense? And experience?" she smiled. It was a sweet smile, cheeky and sexy, and her grey-blue eyes were twinkling with what seemed to me to be innocent mischief.

"Well, this would be probably more expensive." I said. I asked the attendant and she gave me a smile and said that for two it would be only 20 extra.

"So? Are you in? With a vibrator?" I nodded. What the hell. She cannot rape me and anyway I was getting quite excited by the situation.

"OK, than choose the girl," said the attendant. Two girls in their twenties appeared from behind the curtain. They were wearing sequinned bras, pants and stockings held up by garters. One was very slim, with big tits and white skin and long, black hair. The other was also tall, but blond haired, with bigger hips and relatively smaller breasts. I looked at the Scottish woman.

"OK, than choose the girl," said the attendant. Two girls in their twenties appeared from behind the curtain. They were wearing sequinned bras, pants and stockings held up by garters. One was very slim, with big tits and white skin and long, black hair. The other was also tall, but blond haired, with bigger hips and relatively smaller breasts. I looked at the Scottish woman.

"Ok, Irina it is," said the attendant and led us through a darkish corridor to a small room with a chair and a little stage. She left without a word and come back carrying another plastic chair for my companion, then left closing the door behind her. We sat, quite far from each other.

"What is your name?" I asked.


"Mel," I said. The music come on and Irina appeared on the stage. In addition to her outfit she was wearing high, strappy black heels. I fixed my gaze on the stage, where she was dancing to the sounds of some moody instrumental. She moved in a very sensuous way, swaying her hips and running her hands along her body, from the hips to her belly and breasts. She was about 2-3 meters from us and I could see her very clearly.

After about a minute she took off her bra. Her tits were quite small, pointy, with dark, large nipples. She stroked them, then squeezed, then stroked again. She was playing her role well, her mouth slightly ajar, tongue darting in and out in quick licks, and I felt a warmth gathering in my tummy and a tingling sensation between my legs.

As she came closer to us, stroking her breasts and caressing hips and legs, I was getting really transfixed and seriously turned on. I was imagining sucking on those breasts and it was hard to resist an urge to touch my own tits, now getting hot and engorged, with nipples straining against my bra.

The dancer backed further onto the stage and removed her knickers. She was shaven cleanly and I could see her pussy lips and then, when she turned back towards us and slowly rotated her hips, her arse cheeks and her pussy from behind. She leaned over and started to stroke herself, still with her back to us. I could see her finger sliding along her pussy, opening the lips and getting slightly moist in the processes. I was getting really excited and regretted coming in with Cath as I was dying to touch myself now.

I loved the way dancer's big arse framed her wet pussy, and how she caressed herself with long, slow strokes. After some time of that she turned back and started to dance again, flashing her arse and tits in quick moves.

Than, she went on all fours, with her back to us again and started to seriously work on her pussy and arsehole, getting to the point of inserting a finger and then two inside. I heard a gasp from the chair three feet away from me.

I glanced at Cath. She was sitting with her legs open and her skirt rolled up, hand between her legs. Her other hand was caressing her breast through her tee-shirt. I smiled and she looked slightly embarrassed but also very hot.

"Sorry, I just couldn't help myself," she said.

"Don't worry. Wish I did it earlier myself," I said and unbuttoned my shirt, inserting my hand into my bra and frantically caressing my longing breast. My knickers were soaked through, I thought my trousers were getting wet too.

"Enjoy," I added and turned back towards the stage. Irina was lying on her back, with her legs spread, exposing a swollen, red pussy glistening with juices. She seemed to enjoy herself and not just working hard. I knew it was unlikely that she was really turned on, after all it was ways of earning money for her rather than a fun hobby, but I suppose it was a change for her to look at two women pleasuring themselves rather than one man jerking off into a tissue which must have been a usual thing for her.

She reached for a vibrator, lying on the floor next to her and started to run it over her body, at the same time she was squeezing her tits and rolling nipples between her fingers. She moved her vibrator towards her pussy and started to circle her labia with it, rising her hips every time it slid close to her clit. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

My own nipples felt sore from tweaking and squeezing I gave them. I slid my right hand into my trousers and started to finger my soaking pussy. This was unbelievably exciting, more than any pictures or films I have ever seen and I didn't want to come too soon, just to prolong the sensation of sliding my fingers along my slit with occasional foray towards my arse and inside my pussy.

I heard low moans from Cath. Her skirt was crumpled at her waist, her right hand furiously working her pussy and her left one squeezing her breasts, now free from the bra and the tee-shirt and clearly visible to me, with big, swollen, pink areolae and red, raspberry-like, erect nipples. It gave me another surge of excitement and almost made me come. Her head was tilted back and she was moaning softly.

I really wanted to go to her and suck her nipples, but I stayed in my chair only turned towards her so I could see both her and Irina on stage. Irina was now slowly shoving the vibrator into her pussy, in and out, getting deeper with every stroke. At the same time she was using the fingers of her left hand to caress her arsehole.

In a moment she was bucking her hips up and down and gasping so loudly I could hear her above the music. She shoved the vibrator deeper in her cunt and let out a small scream as she shivered in what really looked to me like orgasm. I couldn't help myself then, I rubbed my clit at great speed, squeezed and twisted my nipples and brought myself to orgasm just as the dancer was getting up.

After a minute or two of slow, sensuous dancing the music stopped. I looked at Cath again. She seemed oblivious to it as she squeezed her tits and massaged her pussy until she bucked her hips and closed her legs on her fluttering hand in a paroxysm of orgasm accompanied by a low, loud moan.

She took about a minute to recover, pull down her shirt and skirt and adjust her hair. We walked out of the corridor without a word, straight onto the backyard and back to the path, without saying anything. I was still wet but the urgency of the excitement was diminished and I was wondering if this was the end or were we for some more attractions this night. I lit a cigarette and without words offered one to Cath. She shook her head. We were walking towards the beach and as it was a weekday and well after midnight the streets were getting quite empty.

"Enjoyed the show?" Cath asked.

"I don't know which one I liked more." I said. She laughed in a low, husky voice.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Don't know. Fancy a walk on the beach?"

"OK." We walked on, without saying anything until we reached the beach.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Well, quite hot, I suppose. I got a double show, which was great fun. But I am still ... ummm ... not really done. I think I need to phone friend for some help tonight."

"Lucky you, to have a bloke on the end of the line. Is he a good fuck?"

I was slightly taken back by her directness. But then she has just seen me finger myself to climax, so it wasn't that surprising.

"Yes, he is pretty good."

"Nice cock?"

I breathed deeply because a picture of Andy's cock appeared in my mind, fully erect and smooth, ready to be sucked or stroked, sliding in and out of my pussy in an even, delightful rhythm

"Yeah... Don't really want to think about it yet. Makes me too horny..."

She laughed again. "Do you want to play a game?"


"Well, it's simple. I ask you a question regarding sex. You answer and than I answer the same question. You can decline to answer but then I don't answer either. Then it's your turn," she explained.


"Do you want to start?"

"No, you go first," I said. We were walking along the sea now, just far enough to keep our feet dry. I lit another cigarette.

"What is the thing you like most doing to a bloke?" she said.

I didn't hesitate. I had this one worked out pretty well.

"Licking cock. Sucking the end of it, but especially licking the top, and along. And you?"

"Kissing. I can kiss for ages. I like kissing everywhere."

Amazingly, my pussy was getting tense and hot again. I was beginning to really enjoy that.

"OK, than what is the thing you like most having done to you, excluding penetration?" I asked.

She didn't take long to answer.

"I like being licked, having my pussy licked out, and having a finger or two in at the same time."

I was thinking about the answer, going through the list of my favourite caresses.

"I love my tits stroked and licked, and kissed. I can go from completely normal to dripping wet in five minutes of breast play."

"You are really turning me on again. I suppose it's my turn now?"

I was thinking about the answer, going through the list of my favourite caresses. "I love my tits stroked and licked, and kissed. I can go from completely normal to dripping wet in five minutes of breast play.""You are really turning me on again. I suppose it's my turn now?"

I was thinking about the answer, going through the list of my favourite caresses. "I love my tits stroked and licked, and kissed. I can go from completely normal to dripping wet in five minutes of breast play.""You are really turning me on again. I suppose it's my turn now?"

"Where do you like a man to come most?" she asked. Her voice was a little shaky and I noticed her do the same thing as me, caressing her breast as she walked next to me in the dark.

"On my tits. It really turns me on to spread the cum over my breasts..." My pussy was on fire, I touched my trousers between my legs and they were soaked through. I tightened my pelvic floor muscles which brought a welcome stimulation to my burning clit.

"Jeez... you are a sexy thing," Cath said.

"And you?" I managed.

"I suppose in my pussy, really."

I was thinking carefully over my next question. I had an idea, a fairly wild idea forming in my head. The image of my fingers moving in and out of her pussy, the image of my mouth on her breasts was painfully arousing. It could just work, I thought.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" I asked.

She laughed. I think she could see where I was heading.

"No, not really. I had a couple of snogs when I was young, but nothing serious. You?"

"I wasn't but I would love to. I find women's bodies very sexy, very arousing. All these today. Breasts, especially, I love boobs, real turn on to imagine doing things with them," I left the sentence unfinished and smiled.

She didn't say anything for a while. We came to a driftwood tree-trunk washed over by the sea and sat against it on the sand. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine.

"Your question," I said.

She turned towards me.

"This will be a last one for me. Would you like to kiss my breasts?" she whispered and at the same time pulled her t-shirt up, exposing her round breasts with these beautiful areolae and raspberry-like nipples, showing dark and clear in the moonlight against her light skin.

I didn't answer, but lowered my head and started licking her left breast, first round the nipple and then taking it in my mouth, sucking its firmness, very gently nibbling with my teeth.

"Oh, yes," she answered gasping and directed my head to her other breast. I kissed it, then licked, my mouth electrified, my lips burning with as much desire as my own nipples and my drenched pussy. She moaned and pushed her hips towards me and reached for my shirt. I was getting so close to coming just tasting her nipples, almost losing it there and than.

As she slid her hand in my trousers and started to stroke my labia I got even hornier if possible. I didn't want to come though, not yet. With all my resolve I pushed her hand away. She was breathing loudly and I did not want her to come yet either so I stopped playing with her lovely tits and unbuttoned my shirt.

My 36D breasts were out of my bra and she leaned over to kiss. This was amazingly pleasurable. She sucked, licked and stroked while I lay back against the tree trunk, and didn't really do anything apart from stroking her hair, running my fingers along the curve of her neck, at the side and then at the back, under the hair. I was in a state of heighten sensitivity, with my whole body on fire, arousal felt not only in my pussy and nipples, but everywhere.

Each time Cath licked my nipple or stroked my skin, I felt a shiver of pleasure, it was as if I didn't need to cum because what I was experiencing now was like a series of micro-orgasms, and I didn't want it to end. My pussy was melting, hot and tense, and sensitive, yearning for touch and yet getting pleasure from delaying it.

I stroked Cath's hair and then guided her face towards mine and we kissed. It was strange, this kiss, so long after we licked each other breasts, after we saw each other cum. It was intimate and yet strange, first soft, gentle, my lips just brushing hers, her tongue darting out very quickly to touch the corners of my mouth, then we kissed for longer, she opened her mouth slightly and I could feel her warm, sweet breath.

I kissed her top lip, then bottom. I kissed the corners of her mouth. I run the very tip of my tongue along her lips and they opened more, and then out tongues met, moving slowly, without the normal urgency of such kisses, we kissed in a daze of desire but the kiss didn't, somehow heighten it, it gave the desire a glow, a glimmer that spread throughout the whole body like a soft blush.

I kissed her face, then, I kissed my way along the curve of her jaw to her ear, and I licked her ear, I sucked the earlobe, it felt wonderful in my mouth. She was moaning softly again and I could feel the more desperate need raising in my own body too.

I kissed her neck, little, soft, quick kisses, and then I kissed the hollow by her collarbone, lingering there longer, then moved back up the side of her neck with my mouth, tasting her skin, feeling its texture and warmth on my lips and on my tongue. I was in a trance, beyond the sexual, I was all mouth now, and although my body was on fire, my pussy dripping wet and my nipples achingly hard, I didn't really want to stop what I was doing.

I was kissing her neck and stroking her breasts when she reached for my hand and guided it between her legs. She was soaking wet, maybe even wetter than I was, and hot too and as I stroked the slit and touched her clit she pushed my fingers into her pussy.

It was hot and rhythmically tensing; I moved two of my fingers in and out, slowly, without touching her clit; pushed deeper again, curved them upwards trying to find her g-spot; stopped kissing her and moved down, my face in her lap, my right hand still in her pussy, fingering her slowly as she slid down onto the sand to lay on her back.

I took my jacket off and put it under her hips, I didn't want a facefull of sand after all, and then I took my first plunge: I kissed the top of neatly trimmed, but not shaven mound, then extended my tongue to lick along the labia. She tasted salty, musky and sweet at the same time.

I loved it. I was still fingering her, but my mouth was on her clit now, kissing, licking and kissing again. Cath's hips were moving and as I took her engorged clit into my mouth, I felt her pussy contracting on my fingers; I moved them faster and she came with a muffled, long moan, her hips pushing into my face, her pussy drenched with more liquid which I eagerly lapped up.

I stayed there, my head on the soft curve of her belly, my hand stroking her hip, her hand in my hair. I felt strangely satisfied, though I had not reached my orgasm this time, but somehow Cath's release was, just for then, enough and I could just be there for a moment without any urgency to do anything else.